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Who we are?

We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals with more than 25 years at the helm of international franchises. We transform good businesses into excellent companies through the organization and creation of tailor-made processes and procedures. Our unique differentiator: a personalized treatment to achieve the success you deserve.

At Inciatus, we chart the path to business success. Our focus on order, automation and rigorous adherence to processes is key for those who wish to franchise and an opportunity to increase profitability by opening branches for those who do not wish to franchise.

We guarantee a minimum 20% increase in your profits, thanks to our solid efficiency.

Trust our experience and maximize the reach of your business with total confidence.


 Business Philosophy

Becoming a franchise is neither mandatory nor reserved only for big brands.

Franchising can turn small businesses into big brands. However, what is mandatory for businesses of any size is to have processes and procedures that ensure their permanence and increase their profitability through a solid business organization.

We firmly believe that all businesses can be simple and easy to operate. Our approach is based on standardization, which allows us to achieve immediate results in this regard.



Our track record and extensive experience have allowed us to perfect our capabilities in various critical areas of the business world. We are fully prepared to accompany our clients at every stage of their road to success, offering them comprehensive solutions that are highly adapted to their specific needs. Our main goal is to contribute to your prosperity, and we are excited to continue growing together in this exciting business world. Here are our main services:

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Discover the power of Tartan, Inciatus' exclusive financial scenario builder.

Make decisions backed by results, optimize your financial planning, and access key indicators in real time.

Explore what-if scenarios and maintain the health of your business with a simple daily query.

Rely on Tartan, created by financiers for non-financiers, and elevate your financial vision with confidence.

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 Renting App's

Meet Renting App's, where we materialize your ideas with exceptional mobile and desktop platforms. Discover our business model, focused on the development of applications to be rented or, if you prefer, for sale, allowing you to access cutting-edge solutions without large investments. With unparalleled flexibility, we duplicate what you've seen and create what you've dreamed of. Our customized, reliable and visionary projects provide you with quality, security and continuous support. Join our technological revolution and achieve your business goals with Renting App's, the digital era is within your reach!




Discover Films, the audiovisual solution that frees you from complications. With 3D animation, 4K movies and professional voice-over, we take your ideas to the next level.

Simplify your production with us and stand out with impactful content. Trust our team of experts for exceptional results – make your brand a star with Films!

Fix Franchise

Fix Franchise: The ideal solution to strengthen the relationship with franchisees.

We recognize the differences and distancing in the professional environment.

Enhance the growth of your franchise with our more than 25 years of experience and improve communication with franchisees. Trust us to help your business succeed.

Contact us today.



Join Inciatus, the most disruptive business consulting firm in Mexico! We offer you support to create employment and wealth through the restructuring or transformation of your project into a franchise.

We have the support of Incognito Angels for subsidies and minimum costs, take advantage of this unique opportunity before September 30th or until resources are exhausted!

Open to Helping Program on LinkedIn (We recommend reviewing the English and Spanish versions of this link, they contain relevant information): Start a business and change your future with financing options from $3,000 to $800,000 MXN. Become a master franchisor, develop Apps as Renting App's or acquire an Inciatus License – success awaits if you act and hire yourself!

Inciatus Unicorns: Merge your passion for cars and business with our Jimmy D. Master Franchises. You will get unique and exclusive advantages in the Mexican automotive market. Let's form together a successful franchise network to create the automotive future!


Meet Jaime Castillo, the outstanding founder of Inciatus and former COO of successful international franchises.

His background in franchising, passion for knowledge and commitment to efficiency driven the success of Inciatus. As co-host of “La Franquicia que Buscas” he shares his invaluable knowledge with the audience – trust Jaime Castillo and Inciatus to take your business to the next level! .


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Books & Writing

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To our English-speaking followers, we offer an apology, these books are only available in Spanish, if the Inciatus or Renting App's collaborations catch your attention, we can provide you with English versions.

Our passion for writing is shared by our founding partner.

He has collaborated as editor in the book series "Apuesta Franquicias" from Editorial Leto, standing out in the edition "Franquicias Paso a Paso" with a recognition granted by the Universidad Anahuac itself and the Mexican Franchise Association for the best article.

In addition, he has written articles for the franchise guide of the prestigious Reader's Digest Mexico, being recognized by the editors of Selections of Reader's Digest magazine worldwide.

Additionally, he channels his passion for writing through a timely newsletter that he issues every Friday. His newsletter has achieved considerable success, with more than 150 editions, attracting more than 3,000 direct mail subscribers and many others who joined thanks to the simultaneous publication of the newsletter on LinkedIn.

What really stands out in our blog is the authenticity of Jaime, who states, "I write for myself, to have fun, to bring a smile to my readers' faces, to invite them to reflect and to present our services without raising suspicion."

Furthermore, you can't miss his P.S. (Postscript), as they add an exceptional value and complement the content of the original missive.

20 Secrets

To our English-speaking friends, we offer an apology, as for the moment, our video capsules are only available in Spanish. However, we would like to inform you that Films by Inciatus is working hard to enable subtitles in different languages, including English. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

We are a true “open source” of knowledge, and our passion for entrepreneurship drives us to bring something exceptional every year to our friends and followers. Our intention is clear: to share our teachings mainly with entrepreneurs, so that their chances of success grow and the frustration of job closures diminishes as much as possible.

This 2023, we decided to reveal 20 secrets that will change your perspective and lead you to reach unsuspected levels of business success.

Our innovative and dynamic video format is the key to unlocking this knowledge. Each capsule, ranging from 3 to 6 minutes in length, will be packed with valuable and practical content that will help you build the foundation for a thriving and successful business.

We want to see you succeed and are committed to empowering you as an entrepreneur. We will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to face any challenge and successfully achieve your business goals. At Inciatus, we believe in your potential and know that with the right knowledge, there are no limits to what you can achieve!

The time to act is now. Join the community of successful entrepreneurs who have trusted Inciatus to achieve the business success they have always wanted.

Join us in this transformational journey, where every minute you invest in our video capsules will be an investment in your future and in the growth of your business. Don't get left behind and join the entrepreneurship revolution with Inciatus!

Together, we will build the road to success and overcome any obstacle along the way, we are waiting for you with enthusiasm and determination on this exciting journey to entrepreneurial greatness!


Inciatus is ready to propel you to successes.

Global Reach

At Inciatus, we are pleased to report that our business consulting services, backed by our extensive experience and track record, are available virtually all over the world, originating in Mexico.

Thanks to our communication skills and our proficiency in Spanish and English, we have successfully provided our services to companies in various regions, including Argentina, USA, Canada, Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Costa Rica. From Escazú, Costa Rica, we have served as a bridge to companies in other latitudes.

If you are looking to improve and standardize your business, regardless of where you are, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today and find out how we can collaborate to boost your business!


+52 55 8021 2581

Av. Insurgentes Sur 609, suite 125, Col. Nápoles CDMX, 03810 México

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