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Intare, éxito en 1 hoja (success in 1 sheet).

Discover success in a single sheet with Intare, the latest module of Tartan, the innovative business management system created by Inciatus. This powerful combination, developed with more than 2,000 hours of dedication, offers a comprehensive solution from conception to stable operation.


Intare, designed to simplify decision making, optimize results and present your business impactfully, is the pinnacle of efficiency within Tartan, the industry-leading business management system developed by Inciatus.

Unique Features

Adaptability to Different Sizes and Sectors:

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, a small business or a corporation with 1000+ employees, Intare adapts to your needs. Useful for both retail and service businesses, Intare provides powerful tools to drive success in any industry and company size.

  • Special Adaptations for Any Industry:

    • Beyond standard solutions, we offer the ability to tailor Intare to any industry, business, language or terminology, giving you a completely customized experience.

  • Marketing Strategy Optimization:

    • Design effective marketing strategies with Intare's help. Present key data to support your campaigns and make informed decisions that drive the success of your marketing initiatives.

  • For Entrepreneurs: 

    • Intare is the indispensable complement to any Business Plan. If you are an entrepreneur, this tool is designed especially for you, providing you with the necessary tools to build and optimize your path to success.

Special Offers

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  • Live Demonstrations:

    • Experience Intare in action with our live demonstrations. An expert will walk you through key features and answer all your question.

  • Free 30-day trial:

    • Sign up now and get full access to Intare for 30 days with no obligation! Discover how Intare can improve your decision making and optimize your business results.

Discover simplicity in every decision, maximize your results and present your business with confidence, all on a single sheet. Developed by Inciatus, the creator of Tartan, the industry's leading business ordering system, Intare represents the pinnacle of efficiency. Ask for a demo and make sure you don't leave money on the table while improving your profitability. Take advantage of Intare's versatility to excel in negotiations, credit applications, investor presentations and marketing campaigns.

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