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Make decisions backed by results with Tartan's expert advice. Optimize your financial planning with sales budgets in minutes.

Monitor and access your key financial metrics in real time, including ROI, Break-even and Sales trends, Expenses and Costs, and more, all on a single sheet thanks to Tartan's efficiency. Explore what-if scenarios quickly and accurately: What if? Tartan reveals it. Keep your business health in tip-top shape with a simple daily query to Tartan, your strategic ally for financial success.

Rely on the excellence of Inciatus and discover the power of Tartan in your finances.

Tartan, created by financiers for non-financiers, with the unmatched quality and support of Inciatus. Elevate your financial vision with confidence.

In the book “I want my restaurant” from Leto Publishing, we have written a chapter that addresses the importance of finance in business. Would you like to read it?

Get the book for free right here!

Sorry, for the moment we only have Spanish version for the book and the video.

Good news for our visitors outside of Mexico: our support can reach their countries. Please refer to the Global Expansion section.

CONTACT: Jaime Castillo

55 8021 2581

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