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Nonrefundable support

Inciatus, the most disruptive business consulting firm in Mexico since 2012, joins INCOGNITO ANGELS to provide support of up to 50% in the organization of your project.


We have resources from Incognito Angels to make your business flourish, either through its restructuring or transformation into a franchise.


The resources will be granted on a non-refundable basis, which means that you will not have to pay them back, so don't miss this opportunity, since the call closes on September 30/2023 or until the available resources are exhausted!

These are just some of the twists and turns of interest:


  • Detailing Studios, Jimmy D

  • Private car driving schools

  • Climbing walls

  • Boxing Schools (Gym)

  • In-home pet grooming services 

  • Glamping facilities

  • Funeral homes for pets up to 50 kg

  • Hemodialysis room

  • Scuba Diving school

bye pets.jpeg

Requirements to be a beneficiary of Incognito Angels:

  • The total investment of the venture (if any) should not exceed $900,000 MXN That is to say, when the brand is commercialized, this should not exceed for the future franchisee a disbursement of more than $900,000 MXN including Franchise Fee, Equipment and Initial Inventories.

  • Note: support will not be granted for initial investments or to future franchisees.

  • The donation will be made effective once the project is completed, together with a letter of conformity from the entrepreneur, in favor of Tiro al Blanco Consultores SC (Inciatus Franquicias), and will always be non-refundable for the client.

  • Maximum amounts granted: up to 150,000 MXP or 50% of the cost of the services contracted with Tiro al Blanco Consultores SC (Inciatus Franquicias), whichever is more convenient for the clients, for the organization of their business, the development of franchises from scratch or the transformation of the brand into a franchise.

  • The support applies only to developments that will operate in the Mexican Republic.

  • The deadline for submitting applications is September 30/2023

  • Important note: both Incognito Angels and Tiro al Blanco Consultores S.C. (Inciatus Franquicia) do not require payment or deposit before the signing of the service contract and the delivery of the name of the banking institution, as well as the account number and reference for deposits.

  • The support is available for individuals and corporations with registration before the SAT. 

This is not an offer of value and should not be considered as such. Incognito Angels wishes to emphasize that this service is completely free of charge and without any associated cost to interested parties. No payment to Incognito Angels will be required now or in the future. 
All applications are resolved through an unbiased and free process, with Tiro al Blanco,  ensuring a random and fair selection.

Good news for our visitors outside of Mexico: our support can reach their countries. Please refer to the Global Expansion section.

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