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Business Video Capsules

We apologize to our English-speaking friends, as these videos are currently only available in Spanish. However, we want to inform you that we are working on adding English subtitles soon.


Every year at Inciatus we would like to do something exceptional. This time, 2023,we decided to uncover 20 business secrets and condense them into video capsules lasting 3 to 6 minutes each.


This effort has resulted in over 120 minutes of video and has required more than 120 hours of production and post-production.


We hope you enjoy it!

La Bienvenida, 5min

20 marzo 2023

Filosofía Empresarial, 4 min

3 abril 2023

4 Actividades, 5 min

27 marzo 2023

7 Preguntas Imprescindibles, 8 min

10 abril 2023

Cuota de Franquicia

4 Fundamentos para el éxito

17 abril 2023

24 abril 2023

¡Si la leche es poca! Al niño…

KPI Key Performance Indicators

1 mayo 2023

8 mayo 2023

Plan de Metas

Red de Proveedores

15 mayo 2023

22 mayo 2023

¿Soy un impostor?

Tamaño y evolución de mi industria

29 mayo 2023

6 junio 2023

¿Tú qué vendes?

¿Son las Redes Sociales nuestras?

12 junio 2023

19 junio 2023

Análisis F.O.D.A.

Reuniones Exitosas

3 julio 2023

26 junio 2023

Principios de Pareto
(Recuperación especial de 2015)

Evolución de mercados
(Recuperación especial de 2021)

10 julio 2023

17 julio 2023

Habla bien de Inciatus
(Recuperación especial de 2020)

Gracias, fin de temporada

24 julio 2023

31 julio 2023

Video Library: In this section you will find a selection of interesting videos previously created by Inciatus. If you are an entrepreneur or have recently graduated as an entrepreneur, we recommend you to visit this chapter, as it is not to be missed.

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