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Master Franchise Available 

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At Inciatus, we have created a unique opportunity to unite your two passions in one place.


Introducing Turnkey Master Franchises, an innovative project that combines more than 40 years of experience in the automotive industry and 20 years in franchising.

We proudly introduce Jimmy D, the first Mexican franchise specialized in the detailing of land, sea and air vehicles, operating in 7 exclusive regions of the country: Central, Bajio, Gulf, Southeast, West, North, and South Baja California Mexico.

By acquiring our brand, among other advantages, you will obtain:

* Registered trademark and authorization of use and sublease under the franchise model, with a duration of up to 10 years.
* A complete cultural heritage for the management of the franchise, including expansion plans and strategies, franchisee management and more, covering more than 1,000 pages with detailed information.
* Catalogs of suppliers of equipment and supplies with unbeatable negotiations.
* Possibility of leasing utility vehicles for the installation of mobile models of your franchise.
* Access to the Jimmy-D App Franchise administration platform and a web page for optimal management of your business.

In addition, you will receive specialized manuals on Human Resources, Daily Operations, Finance, Marketing and Advertising, as well as a complete Legal Framework to ensure the proper functioning of your franchise.

As part of our commitment to you, we will provide you with initial training with more than 80 hours of training in franchise marketing and brand expansion.

We also offer you the opportunity to participate in EXPO FRANQUICIA MERIDA in November 2023, and in the International Franchise Fair in March 2024, giving you greater visibility as a brand.

You will have a desktop and mobile application designed for the administration of your Franchise, facilitating the management of treasury, agenda, store, analytics and much more for you, your customers and your franchisees. In addition, we establish a direct connection with reliable suppliers that offer equipment, supplies, uniforms, training materials and even assistance with the logistics of your franchises.

It is important to mention that our Master Franchises are limited to only 8 regions in the Mexican Republic, allowing each region to grow according to your objectives.


Our estimate is that each region will establish at least 10 franchises.

As for the investment, we guarantee that with the placement of your first franchise, you will recover your investment.




We are not offering unitary franchises; you will be the master franchisor of one of our 8 regions, giving you the possibility of being a partner up to 49% if you wish.


In addition, to facilitate your entry into the business, we offer the option of financing for up to 6 months to acquire the rights to your Master Franchise region.

We strongly believe in the quality and potential of our product, and we are excited to have you as part of our Master Franchisee network. Together, we will drive Jimmy D's growth and success in the Mexican automotive market, and we look forward to seeing you join us in this exciting business adventure!


If you already have a brand already positioned in the market and registered with the IMPI, we have an exciting proposal for you! Let's talk and turn your brand into a successful franchise.


Let's replace Jimmy D's name with yours, taking advantage of your experience in detail and our specialization in the world of franchising. Let's join forces and do something great together.

Together, we can generate a solid and profitable franchise network, taking your brand to new heights in the automotive market.

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3d Presentation

Master Franchise?

CONTACT: Jaime Castillo

55 8021 2581

Region Fee for Master Franchisors from $280,000 MXN

Financing of up to 40% is available

Total Initial Investment from $550,000 MXN (Region, 100% equipment and inventories, everything to start working)

Estimated time to start operations
3 months

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and together let's get your future on track!

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Good news for our visitors outside of Mexico: our support can reach their countries. Please refer to the Global Expansion section.

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