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Founding Partner

Jaime Castillo, founder of Inciatus and former Director of Operations in successful international franchises such as SPEEDEE, EPS, GRÚAS GORILAS and FIX AUTO, is a prominent figure in the world of franchising. His experience in the aviation industry taught him the importance of efficiency and effectiveness through processes and procedures.

Since the 1990s, he has excelled in the franchise industry, being a passionate reader and writer, in addition to holding the position of national vice president of the Mexican Franchise Association in the 2016 to 2017 biennium. As a professional speaker and lecturer, business coach certified by the American Management Association, his knowledge is invaluable.

A graduate of the 2010 generation of the PROCEF program at the Universidad Anáhuac del Norte in CDMX, he was recognized by the Ministry of Economy during the Entrepreneur Week for the creation of GRUAS GORILAS, the first crane franchise in the world.

In 2021, he was a special guest as co-host of the television program "La Franquicia que Buscas" of journalist Mario Antonio Morales, where he stood out with his section "Hablemos de Franquicias en Serio" (Let's Talk about Franchises Seriously).

He has collaborated as editor in the book series "Apuesta Franquicias" of Editorial Leto; in the edition "Franquicias Paso a Paso" of this series, he received recognition from the Universidad Anahuac and the Mexican Franchise Association for the best article. He has also written articles for the franchise guide of the prestigious Reader's Digest Mexico, publishers of Selecciones magazine worldwide.

Jaime's leadership has been fundamental to the success of Inciatus, making it a reference in the field of franchising.

He is the driving force behind our commitment to transform businesses and make the business dreams of new entrepreneurs in the sector come true.

Mario Antonio Morales

La Franquicia Que Buscas

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