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Renting Apps

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Renting Apps, the creator of mobile and desktop platforms for you. Our unique difference, thanks to Inciatus, is that we build these platforms so that they can be rented or purchased for sale. With us, you get a quality platform at a fraction of traditional large investments.


We materialize your ideas with exceptional mobile and desktop platforms: custom applications, virtual stores, point of sale, CRM and fleet systems are just a few examples of what we have achieved. We stand out for our unique business model to deliver developments for rent or for sale. Access cutting-edge solutions without large investments; your business evolves without limitations. Our flexibility is unmatched: if you have seen what you need, we can duplicate it; if you have dreamed it, we can create it! Customized, reliable and visionary projects.


At Renting Apps, we involve you in the development of your app. If you wish, you can participate so much that, even without programming knowledge, you will learn how to maintain it and make the necessary edits, without depending on anyone. We use simple and easy development programs, leaving the platforms ready for you to provide service in real time and with the security of not affecting anything around them.


Trust Renting Apps, the impulse towards your business goals. Quality, security and continuous support.


The digital era is at your fingertips. 


Be part of our technological revolution!

55 8021 2581

CONTACT: Omar Hernández

The rental of our app's starts at  $2,000 MXN / Month, No hard deadlines

Your name and email address is all we require for you to receive Renting App's information.

Good news for our visitors outside of Mexico: our support can reach their countries. Please refer to the Global Expansion section.

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