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Discover Mexico, a country with a cost of living 75% lower than the USA, ideal for investors. Opportunities in beautiful towns and beaches.


Start a business with franchises, support, and success assured. Talented workforce and diverse market. Enjoy the rich culture, gastronomy and warm weather. Mexico awaits you with open arms, welcome!

If you are looking for a business to invest in, Inciatus can help you, contact us today and let's have an exploratory call.

With 60 years of age and more than 40 years of experience working in companies such as Mexicana Airlines, SpeeDee, EPS and Fix Auto, in addition to my businesses, I am the founder of Inciatus Franchises. I am dedicated to turning dreams into business and transforming businesses into franchises.

Become a master franchisor or franchisee in Jimmy D Detailed Study with financing options.

2. Learn how to develop mobile and desktop Apps in a 30-hour at Renting App's workshop for only $15,000 MXN.
Earn money by recommending our services; we pay you for each subscriber you sign up for a year.

4. Purchase an Inciatus License and become our consultant. We will train you to help you manage businesses and turn dreams into franchises.

Entrepreneurship can be a valid alternative, and I am here to support you along the way. Don't waste any more time, act and hire yourself. If you are willing to work for results, contact me today and let's do something different together.

Inciatus has been a disruptive company since 2012, and we are ready to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Jaime Castillo


Good news for our visitors outside of Mexico: our support can reach their countries. Please refer to the Global Expansion section.

Book a video conference, right here, right now, I'd love to meet you.

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