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Welcome to Certus, where every delivery matters.

The definitive solution for the management of your electronic mailings.

Ghosting Busters

Because we believe that every delivery deserves to be received with the utmost care and attention, we have developed Certus.

To better understand what Certus does, imagine the following scene: an executive sends a significant document, such as a job proposal, an executive presentation or a quotation.


With Certus, the executive can be sure that his mail has been sent and received, and can even track who has opened it and how many times, as well as the time of opening, to leverage and understand the behavior of his audience. In addition, you can know how much time someone spent browsing your document.

You may think that if your 3-page proposal was abandoned 15 seconds after being opened, it won't be successful, while the one that took 25 minutes and was even shared with other people inside and outside your client's organization will be successful, and Certus will let you know in real time.

Additionally, if you have attached files, you don't have to worry about their expiration, as Certus ensures that they are always available to the recipients. But that's not all; Certus goes further. Your customers can also reply to you and upload attachments of any type, such as .doc, .xls, mp4, mp3, .pdf or any other extension.

Certus: The Magic of AI-Enhanced Localization

With its artificial intelligence, Certus identifies exactly what you need, without the need to browse through thousands of documents. For example, if you search for 'Contract', Certus will return only the relevant document, even if you have hundreds of documents with the same name.

This is significant; Certus has a large database, and users don't have mailboxes, files or folders, they just have a field where they type what they need, not what they are looking for, and Certus returns it for that. If you sent 100 contracts to clients like ACME,, Franchise Cakes, Renting Apps and many more, when you type 'Contract' while in the ACME workspace, Certus will return the document (ACME contract) and attachments.


​Artificial intelligence won't steal a single customer from you.


The real concerns arise from companies that are already leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize their processes and gain a competitive advantage.

Each email counts

​Certus, where every email matters and every search is instantaneous. 


Improve your experience with Certus right now. Try it out without contacting us. All you need to do is go to and click on the blue buttons to see 'the proposal we already sent you' (similar to the ones you send every day). Simply enter an email address to which you have access to receive instantly (24/7) the report of your interaction with our submission, a sample of the reports you will receive from now on when you use Certus.

Trials are free, and the cost of having all the benefits of Certus and other tools of our Tartan Suite, including: Enola, Jatos and Intare, are less than $1 USD, learn more at

¿Te gustaría una visita guiada?, reserva ahora mismo y conoce a fondo Certus e Intare o si lo prefieres conoce por tu lado a Certus, esta opción está disponible 24/7 y los resultados los tendrás de manera instantánea.

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